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monika platzer, editor (2009)

Architecture museums have become a fixture in the museum landscape. Even if there is no universal model for them, the 30th anniversary of icam provides a suitable opportunity to reflect on the role and tasks of architecture museums, and the challenges they face. The majority of the contributions published here are based on the icam 30 years — helsinki revisited: The Future of Architecture Museums symposium held in Helsinki this year. So all those members of icam who were unable to come to Helsinki have a belated opportunity to participate in the discussion. In this context, our gratitude goes to the Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki, and in particular to Severi Blomstedt, Kristiina Nivari, Hanna Galtat and Timo Keinänen.

This special issue of icamprint has two focal points: In the first part, History, Angela Giral attempts to document the Confederation’s development for the first time, and her untiring active support in researching original material and images should not go unmentioned. Elisabeth Seip and Dietmar Steiner provide a look back over fourteen icam conferences. In addition, the reminiscences of and interviews with founding members and members of the board Juhani Pallasmaa, Phyllis Lambert, Olgierd Czerner, Jöran Lindvall and Mariet Willingeprovide insights into developments at icam, the challenges icam faces and their perspectives on its future. Here, I should like to thank Irena Murray for providing the perfect working conditions for viewing the icam archives. The current holdings, a veritable treasure trove in 21 boxes, give an idea of the challenge that communication posed (using telegrammes!) prior to the multimedia age. One of the highpoints of this collection are the 22 annotated sketches completed by Oscar Niemeyer at icam10 in Rio. Respect is due to those colleagues from the early years. This look back at the history of icam includes with a list of the names of all of the Confederation’s activists.

In the second section, Issues and Debates, Dietmar Steiner reflects on the demands facing an architecture museum today. The contributions by Jean-Louis Cohen, Andreas Tönnesmann /Bruno Maurer and Manuel Blanco engage with the core activities of architecture museums, holding exhibitions and collection/storage. Developments in the architecture theory over the years are traced by Claes Caldenby/Johan Linton, and Ulrike Jehle-Schulte Strathaus takes Novartis Campus as an example in pursuing the extent to which artists broaden and sharpen the perception of the built environment. This issue closes with reports on the icam activities of Michael Snodin and Jane Thomas, as well as a preview of, Corinne Belier, and an invitation from the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine to participate in the long awaited icam15 conference in Paris, 2010. As always, my gratitude to all of the contributing authors and the editorial board, without whom this, the most extensive issue to date, would not have been possible — so, here’s to the next 30 years of icam!