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Membership is open to all museums of architecture and similar institutions concerned with the promotion of architecture and architectural history, which are associated with a museum function, and accessible to the public. Membership enquiries should be sent to the Secretary General or though the offices of the International Council of Museums.

Before an application for a membership can be accepted it must be approved by the board. A notification of your acceptance will be sent to via general secretary.

annual membership fees
for institutions with more than 11 full-time employees: Euro 300
for institutions with 6-10 full-time employees: Euro 200
for institutions with 1-5 full-time employees: Euro 100
Membership fees include the subscription for icamprint, but exclude Euro 15 for bank charges.

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exhibitions facilities (max. 600 characters, if there are no exhibition facilities at your institution, please insert 'none' or 'archive only') *

The icam account is a Euro account the payment therefore is only possibly in Euro. The member fee should be transferred into the icam account via bank transfer of Check. We regret that your payment via credit card is not possible. Please state on your payment your institution name and the purpose " icam member ship fee" on your payment.

Erste Bank AG
Petersplatz 7
1010 Wien
IBAN: AT402011128256602001

Corinne Belier
Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, Paris

For further information, please contact our Secretary General Sofie De Caigny,
Centre of Flemish Architectural Archives / Flemish Architecture Institute, Antwerp