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Max Berg's Centennial Hall and Exhibition Grounds in Wroclaw
Jerzy Ilkosz
Muzeum Architektury we Wroclawiu Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw

Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu, 2005

Max Berg's Centennial Hall and Exhibition Grounds by Jerzy Ilkosz is an extensive monograph published in connection with the exhibition at the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław. In addition to presenting the most comprehensive history of the Centennial Hall and Exhibition Grounds to date, Ilkosz contributes new interpretive insights concerning the work's historic, political, artistic, and ideological contexts and informing ideas. The book is thoroughly researched, well-documented and beautifully illustrated. Particularly worthy of attention are Berg's original designs and drawings from the collection of the Institut für Regionalentwicklung and Strukturplanung at Erkner by Berlin and the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław as well as excellent contemporary photographs by Stanisław Klimek.

Graphic design:
Language: English, German, Polish
336 pages, 354 black-and-white and 65 colour photographs, hardcover, dust cover,
ISBN 83-89262-26-6 (English edition)
ISBN 3-486-57-986-X (German edition)
ISBN 83-89262-22-3 (Polish edition)
PLN 110

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