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icam13 - a letter from the president
Victoria and Albert Museum
December 07, 2005
I am writing to introduce the icam13 conference in Athens in June 2006, launched on the theme of East and West and containing an inspiring mixture of formal and informal sessions to suit a broad range of interests. It continues the concern with CAD and digitisation that is so central to our collections and develops the education theme launched at icam12 in Vicenza. New subjects include major sessions on the threats facing the records of Modernism, a re-examination of traditional ...
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icam mediterranean first regional meeting
Arkitera Architecture Center (Arkitera Mimarlik Merkezi)
November 07, 2005
icamMediterranean First Regional Meeting which will be held in Istanbul between the dates 6-8 October 2005, aims to bring the architecture museums and institutions in the Mediterranean area. Also it is targeted to contsruct an academical platform with the poster presentations during the conference. The theme of the conference will be "The Foreign Influence in Modern and Contemporary Mediterranean Architecture". As a parallel event the Az W, Vienna will also ...
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the neohellenic architecture archives of the benaki museum
Neohellenic Architecture Archives - Benaki Museum
November 02, 2005
The Neohellenic Architecture Archives were established in April 1995 following the initiative of three professors in the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens and an archaeologist specialising in modern Greek architecture of the nineteenth century, who had recognised the need to set up such an organisation. Their proposal was enthusiastically received and their efforts immediately embraced by the Benaki Museum. It was recognised that the ...
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Acquisitions: Josef Lackner, the most recent accession at the Architekturzentrum Wien
Architekturzentrum WienAz W
October 19, 2005
Amongst the most recent accessions, the Architekturzentrum Wien has received the archives of Josef Lackner (born 31.01.1931 in Wörgl, Tyrol + 13.09.2000 in Innsbruck, Tyrol).
1949-1952 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Clemens Holzmeister; practical experience in various studios in Dusseldorf, Freiburg and Munich; studio in Innsbruck from ...
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Catalogue WineArchitecture - The Vinery Boom
Architekturzentrum WienAz W
October 18, 2005
Today internationally active star architects are designing and building spectacular new wineries around the world. In return, in the east and south of Austria a unique new scene has consistingly drawn attention to a symbiosis between contemporary architecture and wine making. A new architectural language has developed along with this newly defined brief, one that moves between sensitive approaches to traditional forms of building and self-confident interpretations of ...
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