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icam16 in Frankfurt / Rhine-Ruhr Metropole 2012 was a big sucess!
Architekturzentrum Wien Az W
September 21, 2012
We send our thanks to all of you who chaired sessions, delivered papers, led tours, and participated in so many ways.
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Università Politecnica delle Marche Facoltá di Ingegneria
May 16, 2012
AAA/Italia promotes the Second National Day of the Architectural Archives. On 18th May 2012 – in connection with the International Museum Day launched by ICOM (Museums in a Changing World. New Challenges, new inspirations) – the network of museums, archives and university centres gathering in the National association of contemporary architectural archives open the collections and host special events.
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Architekturzentrum Wien Az W
March 21, 2012
Almost all architecture museums were founded in the 20th
century and based on modern or postmodern concepts that stemed from a period which has itself become museum material. The 21st century requires a re-evaluation of the role of architecture institutions, not only because of the financial crisis but because the framework and conditions of production for architecture are fundamentally different now, they have become more heterogeneous.
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FORUM AAA/ITALIA 2012 – Tues 21 February 2012
Fondazione MAXXI - MAXXI Architettura
February 05, 2012
The network of national and local archives, museums, universities and centers associated to AAA/Italia promotes a one-day Forum to discuss the future strategies and activities to promote, protect and enhance the architectural archives.
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S AM is looking for a new artistic director
Schweizerisches ArchitekturMuseum Swiss Architecture Museum
February 01, 2012
S AM is looking for a new artistic director (the attached job ad and press release is written in GERMAN - as we are looking for a german speaking person).
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