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Conference 11/12 June 2009 / Hybrid Architectural Archives: Creating, Managing and Using Digital Archives
The New Institute, (former Netherlands Architecture Institute NAI)
January 14, 2009
In a two day conference in June 2009, the NAi aims to map the development of research and experiences in creating, consuming and using digital architectural archives. The conference is now open for registration.

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New director at the Swedish Museum of Architecture
Architecture and Design center
January 14, 2009
The Swedish government has appointed Lena Rauolt as director of the Swedish Museum of Architecture. She is basically an artist in textile. She has worked with a number of different projects including exhibitions and she has a reputation of being a good leader and an active entrepreneur. She has been responsible for moving a small design archive from Kalmar, a medium country size town, to a small place called Puceberg and there establish fare better conditions and order for that archive.
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icam30 years / Helsinki revisited, August 20 –22, 2009
Alvar Aalto Foundation
January 13, 2009
icam was founded in response to the emergence of architectural museums as distinctive institutions. The founding members established the organization in August 1979. Thirty six participants, representing twenty five different institutions, finally attended the meeting that took place in the fortified island of Suomenlinna, off the South harbor of the city, on 20-25 August, 1979.
Thirty years later it's time to celebrate!

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Conference: Architecture, diplomacy and national identity: Sir Basil Spence and mid-century modernism
RCAHMS, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
November 19, 2008
The exhibition Back to the Future: Sir Basil Spence 1907-76, hosted by the National Galleries of Scotland to mark the centenary of Spence’s birth, stimulated fresh interest in the work of this once most celebrated of British twentieth-century architects. The individualism and exuberance of Spence’s mature work has arguably more in common with the approach of American architects such as Paul Rudolph and Edward Durrell Stone than with the architecture typical of post-war Britain.
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The CCA announces Jocelyn Gibbs as new Associate Director of Collection, and appoints Julie-Anne Leclerc as Associate Director of Administration and Finance.
Centre Canadien d´Architecture CCA Canadian Center for Architecture
November 03, 2008
The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Julie-Anne Leclerc as Associate Director, Administration and Finance and Jocelyn Gibbs joins the CCA from the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles

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