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icam15 a great success
Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine
June 21, 2010
icam15 in Paris is a fond memory. We send our thanks to all of you who chaired sessions, delivered papers, led tours, and participated in so many ways.
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Call for Entries
Arkitera Architecture Center (Arkitera Mimarlik Merkezi)
May 20, 2010
The Civil Society Facility-EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Museums (ICD-MUSE)
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icamprint 03
Architekturzentrum Wien Az W
January 16, 2010
This special issue of icamprint has two focal points: In the first part, the 30 year history of icam is told for the first time. In the second section, 'Issues and Debates', Dietmar Steiner reflects on the demands facing an architecture museum today. The contributions by Jean-Louis Cohen, Andreas Tönnesmann/Bruno Maurer and Manuel Blanco engage with the core activities of architecture museums, holding exhibitions and collection/storage.
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icam letter of support helped to prevent the merge
Museum of Architecture and Design
October 21, 2009
It is our pleasure to notify you that following long and hard efforts to secure the independence of the Architecture Museum of Ljubljana (AML) and the International Centre for Graphic Arts (MGLC), the Minister of Culture, Majda Širca, and the Mayor of the Municipality ofLjubljana, Zoran Janković, signed a letter of intent on Monday, 19th October. They have concluded that AML will retain its mission as an independent institution and become part of the system of state museum institutions, whereas they have left the future status of MGLC open.
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Request for a letter of support for the Architecture Museum of Ljubljana (AML) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Museum of Architecture and Design
October 14, 2009
After 37 years the founder of AML, the Municipality of Ljubljana, will dissolve our institution on 19th October, 2009, and the activities of AML will be merged with those of the International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC). Scholars, critics, artists, and the employees of AML are shocked, outraged and against this merger as there is no properly justifiable basis for it as the domain of graphic and visual arts is quite different from that of architecture and design.
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