Challenging Histories – Challenging Futures
Karl Schwanzer: BMW headquarters and museum, Munich, 1968-72, photo: Sigrid Neubert. ©Wien Museum/Karl Schwanzer Archiv

icam20 conference – München/Munich

We meet in Munich in challenging times – politics, climate, protests and international relationships swirl around us in a mass of changing rhetoric, revisited priorities and false news. How should architectural museums, with their duties to examine the past and inform the future, respond to these turbulent forces and thrive in these thought-provoking circumstances?
At ICAM20 we propose to investigate how we discuss and present challenging and sensitive areas of history and serve an inclusive range of audiences, as well as explore how we move forward and tackle future challenges. How do we preserve and make accessible our digital and film collections? Who should we work with to achieve the most innovative research? What must we do to influence the future?

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