ICAM supports its vast network of member organisations through conferences and events, communication and publications, and provides grant opportunities and access to industry best practises for architecture museums and archives.

Thanks to an agreement at our 2021 General Assembly, ICAM can extend its grant support to deliver projects, undertake research, plan networking visits, and attend our conferences.

You can take advantage of these opportunities if you work for one of our member institutions:

Network Project Grants
support groups of members to develop and deliver projects that benefit ICAM member institutions more broadly

Network Travel Grants
support individuals to make research and networking visits to other ICAM member institutions

Regional and Specialist Group Grants
support regional or specialist group meetings and events

Conference Attendance Support
extends the range of people who can attend conferences

ICAM Grants for Members:

ICAM Journal Archive:​

Our journal, ICAMprint, was published every two years from 2005–2018 and edited by Monika Platzer. Journal issues expanded on themes from ICAM conferences—including digital archives, education, and the challenges of exhibiting architecture—and contained timely editorials and interviews with key figures in the world of architecture.

All back issues have been digitised and are available as downloadable PDFs below.

Regional chapters are self organised and convene independently at ICAM member museums and architecture centres for local tours and events. The current roster of regional chapters include groups in Oceania, Eastern Europe, Germany, the Mediterranean region, North America, and UK and Ireland. ICAM supports local chapters through small grants and assistance with planning and communication.

To get more information about these regional chapters, please see the contacts below.

Regional Chapters:

Archival Resources

From its foundation in 1979, ICAM has been involved with hosting discussions and shaping policy about ethics and standards of practice for architecture museums, centres, and archives.

One particular area of activity is ICAM’s work with the International Council on Archives on creating standards for the collection and preservation of architectural records. Work by a joint ICAM-ICA task force on architectural archives resulted in the publication of a new code of practice, A Guide to the Archival Care of Architectural Records (Paris: ICA, 2000).

Recent research by ICAM member organisations has focused on the status of architectural records in the digital era. ICAM conferences have helped support and disseminate findings about the preservation, cataloguing, and display of digital architectural records, including the ICAM18 session “Archiving Born-Digital Materials,” and the 2020 conference, “Digital Architectural Archive Collections,” co-hosted by ICAM and the US Library of Congress.


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