ICAM Session: Hidden narratives in collections 23th March 2021, 2-3 pm CET / 9-10 am EDT

The session addresses new perspectives on collections and on the canon, with 3 presentations by ICAM member institutions introducing a discussion.

After registration, you will receive an access link to the online session.

Context – ‘On Transitioning: Taking Positions in a Time of Radical Change’

2020 is a year of worldwide transition.  In most countries, the COVID-19 crisis manifests itself in various ways, impacting social life, culture, economics and education, for example. The crisis makes us focus on the intersection of accessibility to safe public (green) spaces and public services, housing quality and healthcare. In parallel and intertwined with the health crisis, the Black Lives Matter movement grew with increased impact following the killing of George Floyd in the United States. Although BLM is now celebrated with unified displays of public art and solidarity around the world, there is still much to do to support and model a just society. Depending on the geographical and historical context, the reciprocity of spatial injustice and racism, the history of colonialism and gender inequality was addressed with new intensity in 2020, affecting most aspects of public life.
Well aware of the transition, many cultural organisations are redefining their position. Depending on geographical location, the emphasis differs. In Europe, there are big differences between countries. Worldwide, the impact is even more varied. Architectural mediators such as architectural museums, archives/collections and institutes are rethinking the audiences they engage with, the formats they use, the collections they build and the viewpoints of their storytelling. This year has provided cultural institutions with an opportunity for self reflection and an urgent call to find ways that we can be agents for change.

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