World Forum Geneva May 18 – 20 2006
World Forum Geneva 18 - 20 May 2006

03.01.2006 | what’s on
by Schweizerisches ArchitekturMuseum
Swiss Architecture Museum

The Mayor’s Word
The Forum “Cities and quality of life: global challenges, local solutions” proposes to put the concerns of citizens at the center of the discussions. The improvement of the quality of life for every individual should be the engine of political action, in particular in the social, environmental and economic fields, as well as in the area of urban development or mobility.

I invite those with a political mandate, mayors, parliamentarians, locally elected officials, public administration professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, members of civil society, researchers, and citizens to come to Geneva to debate, exchange, and share experiences with the objective of offering the population a better quality of life in their neighborhoods, districts and cities.

Manuel Tornare, Mayor of Geneva

Society in crisis, evolving society, society in rapid growth: On which values should we build our future?

Today, as the world population is tending toward becoming mostly urban, looking at quality of life in the city has risen to become one of the defining issues of our times. At once a laboratory for social integration and multiculturalism, a place of expression of the diversity of individual desires, and a place for the edification of our common future: the city spans the great challenges of our times.

In the face of global implications and the daily life of citizens, quality of life demands responses at the local level. Do solutions come from a political or social impetus, from a new urban model, or even, a change of attitudes?

The Geneva Forum will be the occasion to tackle these questions, shed light on new urban practices, and draw out the priorities of local actors through concrete examples.

* Who is responsible for what in building a quality city?
* What are the criteria for determining quality of life?
* How can multiple actors collaborate?

The Forum invites all actors concerned to debate these issues in light of their own experience.


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