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RIBA Royal Gold Medal

07.07.2006 | what’s on
by RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects
British Architectural Library

RIBA researcher is trying to locate examples of the RIBA Royal Gold Medal which may be in collections across the UK and beyond. The Royal Gold Medal for Architecture, instituted by Queen Victoria in 1848, is one of the most prestigious architectural awards in the world. It recognizes distinguished architects, or those who have helped architecture, of any nationality and is awarded for a life-time’s achievement, rather than for being currently fashionable. It also necessitates a body of work which has had an international effect on architecture. It is approved personally by the reigning monarch.

The medal is 55mm diameter, gold (1848 – probably circa 1900) and gilt bronze (1900 – the present day).

Those shown here are located in RIBA British Architectural Library (1851 and 1953) and personal collection (2006)

If you own or have information on any of these Medals, please contact:
Liz Walder
T: 0044 (0)20 7307 3659

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