Wrocławskie dworce kolejowe
Wrocławskie dworce kolejowe© Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu

27.11.2006 | recent publications
by Muzeum Architektury we Wroclawiu
Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw

Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu, 2006

Train stations of 19th century, more than any other public buildings, reflected the spirit of the era, combining technology and architecture, industry and art. Associated with the industrial revolution, they displayed changes in aesthetics and tastes. The book was published to mark the 160th anniversary of the launching of the Wrocław – Berlin railway. It presents not only the architecture of the city’s six big railway stations and numerous halts, but also the history and technical development of railways in both Wrocław and Silesia as well as the profiles of their builders.

Editor: Maria Zwierz
The concept of the exhibition and catalogue: Jerzy Ilkosz, Maria Zwierz
Graphic design: Wojciech Głogowski
Language: Polish
302 pages, 208 illustrations
ISBN 83-89262-30-4
PLN 55

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