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27.11.2006 | recent publications
by Muzeum Architektury we Wroclawiu
Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw

Publiczna zieleń miejska we Wrocławiu od schyłku XVIII do początku XX wieku

Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu, 2006

The time-span of the study comprises almost two centuries. Its first part presents selected problems in the study of garden design in the city. Then, the author discusses several issues concerning the broadly understood environment of the citizens of Wrocław as the collective patron and user of garden projects. She presents the role of the local self-government and its institutions responsible for public green areas and characterizes the professional community of gardeners active in Wrocław with special emphasis on the influence exerted by such personalities as Peter Joseph Lenné, Hermann Mächtig, Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau or Eduard Petzold.
The material directly connected to the green areas in the city is divided into two parts. The chapter on public green as an integral element of urban and suburban landscape comprises projects inspired, to a greater or lesser degree, by urban growth and town planning ideas rather then current tendencies in garden design. The next chapter presents in chronological order individual parks, squares and green areas, starting with the Promenade – the first public green area specifically designed for walking, and then three parks founded as private gardens and then purchased by the municipality with the intention to turn them into public parks. The largest grouping comprises parks and green areas functionally connected with residential districts and, finally, examples of modern conceptions of public green areas and individual parks.

Graphic design: Renata Stahl-Wójtowicz
Language: Polish, English summary
254 pages, 244 black-and-white and 44 colour illustrations
ISBN 83-89262-29-0
PLN 75

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