Breslauer Schulen
Breslauer Schulen© Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu

27.11.2006 | recent publications
by Muzeum Architektury we Wroclawiu
Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw

Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu, 2005

The extensive monography of schools and school buildings in Wrocław presents the history of educational system in the city from the Middle Ages up to now, comprising public, art, and religious schools. The second part of the book is devoted to the architecture of school buildings in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Editor: Maria Zwierz
Graphic design: Renata Stahl-Wójtowicz
Language: German, Polish
255 pages, 101 black-and-white and 35 colour illustrations
ISBN 83-89262-24-X (German Edition)
ISBN 83-89262-04-5 (Polish Edition)
PLN 50

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