Giuseppe Samonà and the Venice school of architecture
Giuseppe Samonà and the Venice school of architectureseries “Archivio progetti – i materiali 03”

13.12.2006 | recent publications
by Università Iuav di Venezia

June 2006
Archivio Progetti, Università IUAV di Venezia, 2006

Giuseppe Samonà and the “Venetian school”: what remains of an underlying alliance within Italian architecture today? This volume brings together a selection of material produced for a series of initiatives that the Iuav University has promoted in order to pay tribute to a central figure in nineteenth century Italian architecture.

If, in the course of his career, Giuseppe Samonà had been renowned for his role as critic and intellectual of some repute, a role of “great maieutic story-teller” – as outlined in their premise by editors Giovanni Marras and Marco Pogačnik – much risked being ignored as of lesser importance, even involuntarily, however it was actually the Sicilian’s architectural work itself which has been brought to the fore in these pages.

From the Turin Business Centre competition and the enlargement of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, up to the project for Falconarossa, Palermo; or, furthermore, the project for the bridge across the Strait of Messina in which noted experts were to be involved such as Giulio Pizzetti and Chiorino in the ambit of Italian civil engineering, the INAIL building in Venice, the project for the INA-CASA quarter of Sciacca etc.

The various ventures presented in the book, subdivided into sections Casi studio (case studies) and Appunti critici (critical notes), retrace Samonà’s human and professional parabola, inaugurating a complete re-examination of his cultural legacy and the importance attached to the “Venetian school” within the panorama of Italian architecture.

Contributions by: Franco Purini, Daniele Vitale, Francesco Tentori, Anna Rosellini, Ilhyun Kim, Francesco Infussi, Giovanni Marras, Andrea Sciascia, Enzo Siviero, Roberto Dulio, Marco Pogačnik, Guido Canella, Carlo Aymonino, Luciano Semerani, Cesare Ajroldi, Gianugo Polesello. Relevant photography by Umberto Ferro.

Graphic design: Tapiro – Venezia
series “Archivio progetti – i materiali 03”, Il Poligrafo
Language: Italian
348 pages, black-and-white and colour illustrations
ISBN 88-7115-416-9

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