icam letter of support helped to prevent the merge
Merger of AML will not take place

21.10.2009 | what’s on
by Museum of Architecture and Design

The financier and the founder are considering whether to merge MGLC with the Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery, the Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana, or to retain the current status of MGLC. They have stressed that they will make a decision on the future status of MGLC on the basis of a public expert debate. In short, therefore, the administrative, ill-conceived, and unwanted merger of AML and MGLC will not take place.
While thanking you once again for your quick response, we would also like to stress that the above outcome would not have been possible without your support.
Best regards from AML and MGLC,
Lilijana Stepančič, Director of International Centre for Graphic Arts
Dr. Peter Krečič, of Architecture Museum of Ljubljana

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