Another view on Renaat Braem
Another view on Renaat Braem

10.12.2010 | what’s on
by CVAa (Centre for Flemish Architectural Archives)

In 2010 the much-discussed Belgian architect Renaat Braem (1910-2001) would have been 100 years old. Several institutions take this occasion to hold Braem related events. Within this particular context APA (Architectuurarchief Provincie Antwerpen) has launched the website ‘De balans van Braem / The balance of Braem’. Braem was not only one of the more important Belgian modernists of his time, he also published an endless flow of publications in which he criticized Belgian architecture. The site combines Braem’s judgements with contemporary insights and a great number of unique illustrations taken from the rich collection of the Architectural Archive. It’s obvious that the designs of Renaat Braem are shown, but the site mainly focuses on different facets of Belgian architecture. Fragments from TV programmes reveal Renaat Braem as a enthusiastic narrator. The result is a fascinating cross section of twentieth century Belgian architectural history.
We are fully aware of the language barrier, but are also convinced that the images presented on the website can be interesting by themselves.

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