ICAM Journal:

#03 ICAM 30 years

January 20, 2009


  • Letter from the president


  • Juhani Pallasmaa:  ICAM 30 years, the founding of a confederation
  • Angela Giral:  international confederation of architectural museums, a history
  • Elisabeth Seip, Dietmar Steiner:  ICAM conferences, a retrospective view
  • Jöran Lindvall:  13 years with the ICAM board
  • ICAM from 1979 to 2010


  • Gerald Beasley:  Interview with phyllis lambert
  • Jolanta Gromadzka:  Interview with olgierd czerner
  • Monika Platzer:  Interview with mariet willinge

Issues and debates

  • Dietmar Steiner: ICAM, 30 years lecture: architecture museums today
  • Jean-Louis Cohen: Exhibitionism and its limits
  • Andreas Tönnesmann, Bruno Maurer:  Collecting architecture today and tomorrow
  • Manuel Blanco: Vanishing paper, vanishing records
  • Claes Caldenby, Johan Linton: The presence of the past: tendencies in architectural history
  • Ulrike Jehle-Schulte Strathaus: Art and architecture, artist and architects

About icam

  • Michael Snodin:  ICAM 30 years: helsinki revisited
  • Jane Thomas:  ICAM 14
  • Jane Thomas:  Secretary general’s report
  • Corinne Bélier: ICAM 15

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