1. ICAM 22 – Pre Conference Tour

    September 6
  2. ICAM 22 – Conference Sessions

    September 7 - September 10
  3. ICAM 22 – Post Conference Tour

    September 11
  4. Disclosing Futures – Rethinking Heritage Conference

    November 2 - November 4

Discursive practices between academia, the cultural field, and designAn architecture museum is not necessarily a research or knowledge institution in the academic sense of the term. Yet, curatorial research, archival research, literature surveys and simply knowing what is happening in the world outside the museum are all necessary ingredients to achieve a succesful public programme and a clear institutional profile.

Additionally, design research by architects disrupts established knowledge models and discursive modes (e.g. Forensic Architecture, Learning from Las Vegas, or MVRDV’s datascapes). Do architecture museums and their collections need academic research and its systems of validation? How to present formats of architects’ research without becoming a marketing tool, or branding platform? Should architects better connect to academia and seek new ways of validating their research, such as the PhD by design, or embrace the experiments with so-called artistic research programmes? And how should archives and collections be involved in this?This session seeks contributions that will illuminate how the various modes of research can learn from each other and work together to open up the current curatorial practices and institutional boundaries. Abstractsshould be sent tosession chairs:Guus Beumer& Dirk van den HeuvelHet Nieuwe Instituutg.beumer@hetnieuweinstituut.nld.vandenheuvel@hetnieuweinstituut.nlPlease also copy toAndres Lepiklepik@architekturmuseum.de

ICAM 20 – Session 2 – Interlocking Ways of DoingResearch

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