Laurent Pernot – Particles
Laurent PernotHiukkasia / Particles

15.12.2006 | what’s on
by Alvar Aalto Foundation

December 9, 2006 – January 2, 2007

In order to conjure up a little atmosphere at the darkest time of the year, a video installation entitled Particles, by the French artist Laurent Pernot, has been set up at the Alvar Aalto Museum.

The work is made up of hundreds of glass marbles arranged on the floor, which sparkle and shine like drops of water when the light strikes them in the dark room. The work is given an extra boost by the piano music playing in the background.

The light from the video casts a human figure on the floor, in which the glass marbles symbolise the thousands of cells in the human body together with their functions. At the metaphorical level, the work takes a look at life and existence, achieving a poetic manifestation. The metamorphosis of the figure, from birth through life to death, brings to mind the transitory nature of everything. The particles crystallise, forming light and energy as they disintegrate and then vanish silently away…

The exhibit was on show in summer 2006 at the Remix exhibition in the Kuparipaja in Fiskars, Finland. The work was produced by Mami Odai, Takashi Homma and Hisashi Shibata of the ICC Media Arts Exchange Program, S-AIR, Sapporo, Japan.

Laurent Pernot (born 1980) is a young French artist who works with photography, film and video. Since 2002, his work has been on show in one-man shows and group exhibitions and at festivals of photography and video art all over the world. There are works by Pernot in public and private collections. Background information on the artist and his works is available at:

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