Call for Papers

07.06.2013 | what’s on
by RMIT Design Archives

To be held at RMIT University’s new European centre in Barcelona, Carrer de Minerva 2
27 September 2013
Deadline: 26 July 2013

Professor Harriet Edquist, Director RMIT Design Archives, Melbourne Australia
Dr Catherine Moriarty, Director University of Brighton Design Archives, Brighton UK

This symposium will explore the idea of the Design Exchange whereby the real and virtual possibilities of architecture and design archive resources and expertise can be mobilized across the globe. The skills of architecture and design museum curators have a great deal to contribute to wider discussions about the arrangement of things and how meaning is constructed through their configuration. Yet this expertise is often hidden or under-utilised.

It is the aim of this symposium to engage collaboratively and collectively on questions such as:

  • how to draw together things and, significantly, people from different architecture and design museums with the aim of provoking professional, resource, and audience development.
  • how to support archive and museum professionals in devising curatorial projects characterised by risk taking, experimentation and with a concern for enhancing public literacy about architecture and design.
  • how to construct ‘exchanges’ whereby archive and museum professionals could swap places to interrogate collections other than their own and produce new curatorial projects.
  • how to produce digital footprints that link and embed objects, experts, and institutions, in order to connect them to new audiences.
  • how to bring design-research to exhibition; and how to ensure exhibition enriches design research.

Papers are invited that explore these questions in case studies or proposals for possible future projects.
Abstracts in English (500 words) must be sent by 26 July 2013 to
Kaye Ashton, Senior Co-ordinator, RMIT Design Archives at this address

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