ICAM19 –  ‘Migrating Ideas’ København/ Copenhagen

The conference will be hosted by hosted by Kent Martinussen and his team at the Danish Architecture Centre, DAC

Conference dates:
9 September – 13 September 2018
Post conference 14 and 15 September 2018

Registration for icam19 is now open!

Early birds registration ends May 30th

Conference  registration ends September 1st


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ICAM19 – Copenhagen

View from Frederiksholms Canal. ©Rasmus Hjortshøj/DAC

Conference program

The icam19 conference program is available now:

icam19 conference program
Sunday, September 9 –Thursday, September 13 / 149KB, PDF

icam19 post conference program
Friday, September 14 + Saturday, September 15 / 83KB, PDF


Tickets for icam19 are now available: online booking

important information
The fee for the full ticket covers the opening day (except the walking tour), the four-day program, all lunches and the mandatory tours.
It will be highlighted in the program when evening programs will take place and if it is necessary to eat dinner beforehand.
For planning purposes, it is important for us to know if you will participate in the City for People walking tour Sunday afternoon.
Further, we would like to know if you participate in the closing reception due to catering.
There is an additional fee for each post-conference day.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact Stine Fangel Juda:


Grants available to attend ICAM19

ICAM is pleased to make available a small number of grants to cover the full early bird fee of attending ICAM19. Applications are particularly invited from those attending their first icam conference and those from icam member institutions based outside Europe.

Deadline May 30th 2018

General criteria applicable to all applicants:
1. All applicants must be employed by an ICAM member institution.
2. The ICAM member institution must have paid its membership fees on a regular basis.
3. Applications are encouraged from institutions based outside Europe.
4. Preference will be given to those attending their first ICAM conference, including new and junior staff of regularly attending institutions.

Applicants should answer briefly the following questions:
What ICAM member do you work for?
Are you presenting a paper at the conference?
How do you plan to disseminate the information and knowledge gained at the conference?
Have you been to an ICAM conference before?
Have you had a bursary from ICAM before?
When did you join the icamICAMcommunity?

All applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

• A Curriculum Vitae from the candidate indicating training, work experience, publications and current work responsibilities (one page maximum)
• Complete address, telephone, fax and e-mail
• A 500-word statement of the candidate’s reasons for attending the icam conference and the benefits that they expect to derive from it.

Each grantee will be required to submit a report to icam Secretary General, Sofie De Caigny by 30th November 2018, describing their experience and contribution to icam activities.

All applications should be send to the following addresses by May 30th 2018:
President, Rebecca Bailey and
Secretary General, Sofie De Caigny

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