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Athenaeum of Philadelphia

The Athenaeum of Philadelphia is an independent member-supported library and museum that engages members, scholars and the interested general public to join actively in the cultural and intellectual life of Philadelphia and participate in historical, literary and educational activities.

Athenaeum of Philadelphia exterior view. ©Tom Crane

The Athenaeum was founded in 1814 to collect materials “connected with the history and antiquities of America, and the useful arts, and generally to disseminate useful knowledge” for the public’s benefit. Items gathered in the early years of the organization form the “legacy” rare book collection and include both monographs and periodicals. Since 1973, the Athenaeum has actively collected materials in areas relating to architecture, the design arts, and the built environment, emphasizing architectural drawings, photographs, trade catalogs, and rare and new books regarding these subjects. With these collections the Athenaeum provides Philadelphia and the scholarly community with a significant resource of first resort on matters of architecture and design history. Digital Resources: Philadelphia Architects and Buildings Project: Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network: Philadelphia Real Estate Record and Builders Guide:

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