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Estonian Museum of Architecture

Estonian Museum of Architecture focuses on collecting, researching, and displaying 20th-century and contemporary Estonian architecture. The Museum has an exhaustive archive of drawings and design projects from the 1920s–1930s as well as from the Soviet period, also a photo archive and a collection of models.


View to the permanent exhibition Space in Motion. ©Reio Avaste/Estonian Museum of Architecture

The Museum’s collection is divided into the archive-, photo-, model-, furniture-, and art collections. The archive collection comprises ca 11,850 items, including city plans, building projects, architectural drawings, as well as photos and manuscript documents. Architects’ personal funds make up a considerable part of the collection. Complementing the collection of projects and drawings is the model collection, a part of which is on permanent display on the first floor of the museum. The photo collection, which comprises nearly 18,000 photos and negatives, is one of the largest collections of architectural photographs in Estonia. The two smaller collections – the furniture- and art collections – include pieces of furniture, drawings, paintings, and graphic works designed by architects. Collections are available online through the Estonian Museum’s Information System MUIS: Drawings may be reproduced. Institution does not have a conservation laboratory.

Library Holdings
Library holdings: 5,000 books on theory and history of world architecture and Estonian architecture, architectural magazines.

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