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ACM Archives de la Construction Moderne

The ACM aim at contributing to the development of new knowledge on modern architecture from the beginning of the 20th century to recent times. The collections mainly concern the architectural production of French-speaking Switzerland.

Exhibition La macchina delle meraviglie. L’arte del disegno nell’opera di Alberto Sartoris, Casa dell’Architettura, Rome, 2019. © Photo SPAM

Being well rooted in their region, Acm collections mainly concern the architectural production of French-speaking Switzerland that is linked to the international cultural movements of the 20th century and offer important archival funds such as those of Alphonse Laverrière, Alberto Sartoris, Jean Tschumi, Georges Brera, Max Schlup and Jean Marc Lamunière. Among these, the Sartoris collection is of great interest because it contains both the documentation produced by the architect and a rich documentary collection on architecture and modern art. Beside archives activities, the Acm develop teaching and research that concludes with publications and architectural exhibitions. Focus: national, local. Consists of: architectural drawings, documents/correspondence, models, photographs, slides, ephemera keep in over 200 archives funds. Collection accessible through online inventories: Most drawings can be reproduced. Institution does not have a conservation laboratory.

Library Holdings
Holdings: Ca. 8,000 volumes: history, history of architecture, Helvetica; periodicals and books regarding the history of architecture, art and the history of technique.

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