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Call for Papers: Architectural Information system

19.12.2006 | what’s on
by Università Politecnica delle Marche
Facoltá di Ingegneria

17-18-19 May 2007
Hotel La Fonte, Portonovo, Ancona

Architectural Information System as instruments to plan, represent, defend, communicate and promote the architectural heritage.
This is the focus of the II E-Arcom Congress (Architectural Information System). Consequently to the large attendance during the 2004 edition, based on the overall topics of communication and development of Information System applied to cultural heritage, we think it’s important to restrict the interest area to the Architectural Information System supporting (in different ways) the architectural heritage. The aim is to keep the partecipaton open to the largest number of scholars, researcher, market actors, especially the youngest ones.
In the same way of the 2004 edition, the congress would be an open window to transform itself in a meeting place suitable to excange experience among consolidated operators, technologies outlooks in the field of Information System applied on architecture and new economical necessities that could find instruments for the achievement and growth of itself.

“Digital technologies emphasize the memory exteriorization process that begun with the invention of writing and they contribute to its collectivization.”
Pierre Lévy

Archives and Architecture Museums

Archives and Architecture Museums live a period of important changes where the use of the Information Systems and digital data processing plays a primary role. Digital document, its acquisition, registration and conservation, and the access ways available for a very exacting public are in the core of the strategies of first generation institutions and in recent ones.

The session aims to investigate the issues related to the information technologies, the risks of a quikly obsolescence, and to select the most advanced experiences in communicating and educating to architecture, still far from the general public.

Defence, communication and promoting of patrimony
Defence, communication and promotion of architectural, cultural and environmental patrimony constitute the main object of this section, with speechs that will be addressed to increase the knowledge and the perception through new technologies, methods and instruments.
Shown experience should document ways that, starting from cognitive activities, reach the communication for the diffusion of our memory, through striking and effective products directed to sensitization and common delight.

Architectural and industrial design
The planning activity, continuously developing, takes shape in information systems of data retrieval. They aren’t useful just in the cognitive step, but also in the maieutic one.The database use is just the classical example of this method while we know that the use of the information instrument is diffused as planning usage wide-ranging.

This section investigates the experiences that have influenced the origin, development and representation of the architectural project, graphic and design.

Web systems
This section aims to investigate, show and axplain the on-line communication models, to transfert the knowledges, also through experiments regarded study cases. It deals with Database interface systems, telecommunication nets or, generally, web site for the communication of the built and unbuilt heritage; Web-GIS, information territory systems accessible on-line, even the new field of Web-TV.
Special interest it’s holden by the different implementable layers of reading that is a real quality of hypertexts to compare with the various kind of guests, with the aim of create a suitable accessibility, understanding and availability of data.
Deadline for abstract submission: 30 december 2006
Paper acceptance: 15 january 2007
Full papers due: 20 march 2007

The official languages of this congress are Italian and English.

The abstract should be written using Windows Word or Pdf by submitting no more than 300 words.
Authors should also indicates which thematic area their abstract should correspond
Every accepted paper will be published on Conference proceedings if at least the first author is regurlary registred.

During the first and second conference days are scheduled two session where showing digital poster referred to the topics treated during the oral presentation. The time allowed to each participant will be 15 minutes maximum.

Registration rate:
until 20/03/2007
260 € + iva 20%
150 € + iva 20% – students, PhD

after 20/03/2007
350 € + iva 20%
250 € + iva 20% – students, PhD

Scientific Organizing Secretariat
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Organizing Committee
Davide Di Fabio, Federica Fiori, Giovanni Issini,
Noemi Lancioni, Francesco Leoni, Ramona Quattrini

Logistic Secretariat:

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