Board Meeting 2011 at the NAI

10.10.2011 | what’s on
by Architekturzentrum Wien
Az W

The board meeting in Rotterdam was held to evaluate and discuss the future role of icam.  We were hosted by Ole Bouman and Mariet Willinge at the just recently renewed premises of the NAI.

Looking back on icam one can discern 3 phases:

1. 1979: foundation of the International Confederation of Architectural Museums (for reasons, background and history, see icam Print 3, 30 years of icam). Loose organization, bound together by a Charter (with small adaptations the charter still exists as the basis of our organization). New architectural museums came up. Start with finding a role for icam

2.  ’80 and ’90thies: growth of membership, more architectural museums and organizations that collect and show architecture. A variety of institutions, with different organizational models. icam plays a role in the development of the knowledge about the care and handling of collections, the topics of interest are reflected by the conference themes: collecting archives, selection in archives; preservation, use of new electronic media, market for drawings; photography, exhibitions. Most prominent was the problem of the digital archives and how to preserve them for future
3. icam in the 21th century:
Most institutes are now rather well equipped and have acquired much knowledge about the care and accessibility of their collections and archives, know how to preserve them and one is aware of the digital problems. There is enough knowledge how to make interesting exhibitions on architecture in a traditional way. New is design. In several organizations fusion with design institutions came up, or design as subject was added. This was often the result of politics, and/or budget cuts.

The outcome of the meeting will be presented a the next general Assembly in Germany 2012.

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