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Tel Aviv Museum of Art – Azrieli Architectural Archive

The Azrieli Architectural Archive is a research center focusing on the study of the artistic, cultural, social, political and technological characteristics of architecture. The Archive collects and retrieves original architectural material in diverse media (blueprints, sketches, models, digital material, texts, letters, etc.) and in various areas, including the architecture of Eretz Israel, Israeli architecture, Jewish architecture, modern and contemporary architecture. It aims to create a database of primary sources, the first of its kind in Israel, which will facilitate academic research, and maintains contact with leading archives worldwide. The Archive holds several architectural collections, including Dov and Ram Carmi, Arieh and Eldar Sharon, David Yannay, David Reznik, Arieh Sonino, Werner Joseph Wittkower, Lipa Yahalom and Dan Zur, Nahum Zolotov and Sam Barkai.

Library Holdings
Small collection of architectural books and journals that are part of the main collections of the architects.

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