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BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts

The Centre for Fine Arts is a cultural venue in Brussels, Belgium. An architectural masterpiece by Victor Horta includes exhibition and conference rooms, a cinema and a concert hall.



Centre for Fine Arts, Horta Hall. ©Maxime Delvaux

BOZAR holds an important collection of original drawings by Victor Horta, since the institution is housed in a building by this Belgian Art Nouveau architect. These drawings and correspondance files concern exclusively the commission and realisation of the building. Since 2007 we occasionally have been accepting new pieces in our archives (e.g. a model by Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen, photographies by Filip Dujardin), without having the ambition to constitute a specific architecture collection.

Library Holdings
BOZAR has a large collection of books in the archives in relation to the exhibited artists since 1928.

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