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Museum of Finnish Architecture

The Museum of Finnish Architecture is a national special museum. The museum maintains a collection of Finnish architecture and serves as a source of expert knowledge for everyone interested in architecture and the built environment. The Museum of Finnish Architecture has large collections of plans and drawings, photographs and scale models, in addition to a public special library.

Museum of Finnish Architecture exterior view. ©Heikki Humberg

Focus: national. Consists of: a drawings collection, photographic archives, and competition archive. The material is mainly on 20th century architecture. Strengths: architectural archives: 100.000 photographs and copies of drawings; 30.000 slides; competition documents and photographs from 1880s onwards ; Approximately 500.000 original drawings. Collection accessible by computer (new material) and through inventories. Drawings can be reproduced. Institution has a conservation laboratory.

Library Holdings
Holdings: about 33.000 volumes. General architecture library: literature on all aspects of architecture and community planning, both Finnish and foreign. Loans within Finland. The following are not available for loan: Reference library – general reference works, complete annual issues of journals, including the Finnish Architectural Review, and a small collection of rare publications; Fennica – Finnish and foreign publications on Finnish architecture; Manuscripts – unpublished material: manuscripts, notes, travel accounts, letters, etc.

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