In between landscapes and history. Wright and organic architecture at IUAV

02.07.2017 | what’s on
by Università Iuav di Venezia

This exhibition aims to illustrate the influence within IUAV of Frank Lloyd Wright’s lesson and his “organicist” conception immediately after World War II. Simultaneous circumstances definitively contributed to the development of an original and multifaceted tendency while the School was directed by Giuseppe Samonà: the presence of architectural historian Bruno Zevi – of which this year occurs the centenary of his birth -, Wright’s visit to Venice and the designing task of Angelo Masieri Memorial over the Grand Canal’s waters, the role of “mediator” of the American master’s thought played by Carlo Scarpa, a brilliant, influential and already established architect. In this context, – and in an absolutely unique and unrepeatable cultural ferment – precious talents developed, as can be seen in the section dedicated to 16 eminent figures that constitute a tangible panorama of the design skills that the “season” expressed. Bruno Morassutti’s American trip photographs, taken between 1949 and 1950, are another extraordinary (and up to now unknown) proof of the attraction that Wright, Soleri and the new American landscapes imbued in that precise historical phase. The section dedicated to ” Zevi’s students” with the variety of the exhibited materials, from drawing to photography, films, publications, didactic courses materials all held at IUAV, undoubtedly gives an idea of a complex, rich production of inspiration and interpretative modalities.
This part of the show represents the prood of what was imagined and realized by a “distinctive” Italian architectural school demonstrating the ability to elaborate ideas closely related to the international debate, knowing hot to inscrive North-East italy landscapes with conviction and confidence in the development of the renewd design and social experience of modernity.

The North-East organic line
curated by  Roberta Albiero and Serena Maffioletti
exhibition design by Roberta Albiero
Tolentini, Gallerie del rettorato
American Journey 1949-50
Bruno Morassutti
curated by  Giulio Barazzetta e Angelo Maggi
exhibition design by Andrea Nalesso
Tolentini, Aula Magna
Scientific coordination
Renzo Dubbini
Scientific board

Roberta Albiero, Giulio Barazzetta, Renzo Dubbini, Serena Maffioletti, Angelo Maggi, Alessandro Colombo e Valentina Morassutti (Bruno Morassutti Project)  

Tuesday 26th June 2018, 5 pm
Tolentini, Aula Magna
Santa Croce 191
Alberto Ferlenga, rector 
Roberta Albiero, Giulio Barazzetta, Renzo Dubbini,
Serena Maffioletti, Angelo Maggi
26 giugno > 9 ottobre 2018
Università Iuav di Venezia
Tolentini, Gallerie del Rettorato e Aula Magna
monday > frieday 10.30 > 5.30
closed on Saturday and holidays
from the 13th al 19th August
free entrance

9th October 2018, 5pm

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