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Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Disclosing Architecture programme is working on the restoration, conservation and digitisation of large parts of the collection to enhance the collection’s physical consultability and to improve the accessibility of the digitised collection. Resources will also go towards research, so that the collection will continue to inspire new generations for years to come. Disclosing Architecture looks at the archives from fresh perspectives in order to reformulate the collection policy and develop new ideas in relation to how we value historical sources.

Het Nieuwe Instituut manages more than 700 archives and collections of Dutch architects, urban planners, professional associations and educational institutions, offering insight into 130 years of development within Dutch architecture and urbanism. Focus: National Consist of: The archives include museum quality drawings, sketches, preliminary designs, working drawings, business and personal correspondence, photographs, models, posters, press clippings and published articles. Strenghts: ca 700 archives from the most important Dutch architects. Extensive model collection. Museum House Sonneveld, with original interior from 1933 Collection accessible through online catalogue and consultation in the Study Centre. Collection can be reproduced. Institute has no conservation laboratory.

Library Holdings
Het Nieuwe Instituut collects publications and audio visual materials on Dutch and international architecture, urban design, and related design fields such as housing, spatial planning, landscape architecture, and interior architecture. The library collection contains around 65,000 books and brochures, 1,300 magazines from the Netherlands and abroad, and a collection of rare 20th-century books and magazines and 18th- and 19th-century folios.

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