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Columbia University Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library

The Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library collects books and periodicals in archaeology, architecture, art history, city planning , decorative arts, design, historic preservation, landscape architecture, painting, photography, real estate development, and sculpture.

Focus: local, national, international. Consists of: books, periodicals, architectural drawings, both individual drawings and complete archives; documents/correspondence; models (rare); photographs, both vintage and newly commissioned; slides (if part of archive); ephemera. Strengths: Avery Library, extensive holdings in rare European and American architectural literature; American trade catalogues and view books; Piranesi; in-depth literature on architecture as a whole; drawings, 19th and 20th century American architecture, esp. New York City. Collection accessible by computer and through inventories. Drawings can be reproduced with permission. Institution has a conservation laboratory.

Library Holdings
Holdings: Avery Library is the largest architectural library in North America, with 300,000 volumes, 1800 active serial titles, and 15,000 rare books.

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