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Budapest History Museum – Kiscelli Architectural Archives

Kiscelli Museum presents the 18th–21st century history of one of Central Europe’s most intriguing cities, Budapest, and of its inhabitants. Kiscelli Architectural Archives are focusing on collecting post-war architectural plans, photos and models, because the Hungarian architecture of this era is still very underrated. Many valuable buildings from the 1960–1970s  are being transformed or demolished. Our “virtual save” project document public buildings that are important from architectural, or urban historical point of view.

Building of the Architecture Archives of Kiscell Museum.

Focus: local city history (part of the Modern Urban History Department) Consists of: architectural drawings, both individual draiwngs & complete archives; documents/correspondence; models; and building fragments. Strengths: Designs/drawings of Budapest buildings (chiefly from the late 1800s to the present). Collection accessible through inventories. and digital database Drawings can be reproduced. Institution has a conservation laboratory.

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