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Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture – ETH Zurich

The past and the present, theory and practice have been the cornerstones and frame of reference for the Institute addressing architecture in all its historical depth and ideological breadth, and to systematically reflecting upon it.

Focus: national, international Consists of: architectural drawings – complete archives; documents/correspondence; models; vintage and newly commissioned photographs; slides; ephemera. (c.130 300 bequests and holdings) Strength: Swiss architecture and urbanism 19th and 20th century and substantial holdings on world architecture (Gottfried Semper, CIAM, Sigfried Giedion, Hannes Meyer etc.); complete archives Collection accessible through inventories; will be accessible by computer – currently research portal in process of preparation. Drawings can be reproduced. Institution does not have a conservation laboratory.

Library Holdings
Holdings: Archive library as part of collection; individual libraries of different architects (18000 vol.) and reference library (6000 vol.); accessible via a computer and trough card index semantic database.

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