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M+ is cornerstone of the ambitious West Kowloon Cultural District Project, and is Hong Kong´s new museum for visual culture in the run-up to the scheduled 2017 completion & opening of the museum building, encompassing 20th and 21st – century art, design and architecture, and moving image from Hong Kong, China, Asia and beyond. From 2012 onwards, M+ has started building a world class collection of Contemporary Arts, constantly in dialogue with the temporary exhibitions, programmes and educational activities. In addition to providing a historical reference to the contemporary, the M+ collection will shed light on the global movement of ideas across time and space and will strive to reflect the multi-centred, transcultural and transnational context of today’s visual culture. Hong Kong’s past and present place in the world is the important lens and core foundation of M+’s global collection. Also,The M+ Sigg Collection has formed a major part of M+ recent acquisitions. Comprising major works by artists from the late 1970s to the present, the Sigg Collection is recognised as the largest, most comprehensive and important collection in the world of Chinese contemporary art. Fitting in with the second tier of geographical priorities in our collecting strategies, it will function as one of the many "seeds" in developing the future collection of M+ for the construction of multiple narratives in documenting 20th-21st visual culture in the region.

Library Holdings
M+ is currently having a small library in its office as an art resources centre to the M+ curators for their internal research & reference purposes. The library holds various reading & reference materials in relation to different contemporary art forms; and the library scale is definitely expanding.

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