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UAA Ungers Archiv für Architekturwissenschaft

The UAA foundation  based in the former residence and office of internationally renowned architect Oswald Mathias Ungers in Cologne is an independent institution for the promotion of architectural knowledge.

The UAA holds the complete archive of O. M. Ungers: Sketches, plans, photos and models of all his projects document how he planned, built and idealized architecture.Along side his practical work the archive owns the complete collection of his theoretical writings and teachings at various universities in Germany and the USA: his publications, manifesto, speeches and lectures and also his professional correspondence. describe your collection policy (max. 600 characters): One of the present and future tasks for the UAA will be to make the archive accessible for doctoral theses, scientific research, symposia and exhibitions.

Library Holdings
The library is a high quality collection of books about architecture. More than 12.000 books-treatise, theories and monographs-document 500 years of architecture history, including many first editions. It contains the work of all masters of architecture from Renaissance to Baroque and Classicism up to modern architecture.

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