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Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

The archive with the collection includes the legacies and collections of 168 Bauhaus teachers and students, preserving sources of mainly private or institutional origin and providing a wealth of information on the Bauhaus lines of development and the stages of its history. The collection includes some 30,000 originals (fine arts, design, photography, architecture etc, including the legacies of Franz Ehrlich, Carl Fieger, Hannes Meyer and others), thematic documents, eyewitness reports, findings from building research and the renovation of Bauhaus buildings and other examples of modern architecture. The archive can be searched via a database and printed catalogues.

Library Holdings
The public research reference library with historical and contemporaray collections and project documentation suppllies literature and information to clients in the region and beyond. The library consists of books and specialists’ journals particulary on cities, urban design, architecture, landscape, and environmental planning, but also on art, design, typography, graphics, photography, theatre, sociology and Bauhaus history.

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